Social Sophistication

Bubble boasts four unique VIP areas, for those seeking a taste of our sophisticated nightlife, while enjoying a more intimate setting and personal attention for their group. These VIP areas are ideal for any type of meeting or gathering – professional or social – you are hosting. All VIP areas also feature customizable options, including a full menu of our chef-driven small plates and bottle service.

Bubbles – 5 VIP Tables 

At the heart of the action and containing the largest VIP Tables in the building, The Bubbles is the section designed for those that like to see and be seen.  These 5 large tables can be rented individually or combined for the ultimate party area.

Skyline 1 – 3 VIP Tables 

Feeding off the energy of the EpiCentre, the three tables in Skyline 1 are designed for those who want everything that VIP has to offer but still want to little separation between themselves and the DJ. These adjustable tables are perfect for VIP and a few close friends.

Skyline 2 – 3 VIP Tables 

Kissed by the dancing lights of Uptown Charlotte, Skyline 2 is in the heart of it all.  Just feet away from the DJ booth, these three tables are for those who like to be in the heart of the action.

Penthouse Section – 5 VIP Tables 

Reflected in the golden glow of the custom champagne glass wall, The Penthouse Section is for those who want the convenience of a table but like the intimacy of being off the beaten path.  These five tables are just steps away from the dance floor and the terrace.


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